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THE LEGO MOVIE - The Frida Cinema, May 22


The Frida Cinema
305 E 4th St 92701 Santa Ana United States
EVERYTHING IS AWESOME at the Frida Cinema as we bring animated blockbuster The LEGO Movie back to the big screen!

Emmet Brickowski (Chris Pratt) is an ordinary guy living an ordinary life. An awesome ordinary life! Though one day, Emmet finds the mythical Piece of Resistance by pure happenstance, placing him at the center of an ancient prophecy! Emmet teams up withBatman (Will Arnett), WildStyle (Elizabeth Banks), Vitruvius (Morgan Freeman), Benny (Charlie Day), Princess Unikitty (Alison Brie) and Metal Beard (Nick Offerman) to stop Lord Business (Will Ferrell) from freezing the world into perfection with the power of the Kragle!

Our Calle Cuatro Sunday Matinee series is a partnership with the Santa Ana Business Council (SABC), presenting family-friendly classic and contemporary films on Sunday mornings at 11am with ticket prices of only $5 for Adults and $1 for Children 13 and under! Each film is opened with classic cartoons and a raffled prize giveaway!

TRAILER: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fZ_JOBCLF-I

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