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THE BLACK STALLION - The Frida Cinema, May 15


The Frida Cinema
305 E 4th St 92701 Santa Ana United States
Based on Walter Farley’s classic 1941 children’s novel, director Carroll Ballard’s Oscar-winning 1979 masterpiece The Black Stallion finds young Alec shipwrecked on a desert island with Shetan, a wild black stallion. Both in shock after the ship they are on sinks, Alec finds the stallion avoidant and afraid, yet the saving of one’s life is quickly repaid by the other in kind. The two find their bond growing in their seclusion, realizing that the only way to make it is to trust each other.

After being rescued from the island by a passing fishing boat, Alec has difficulty keeping the stallion at his home. One night, the stallion breaks from captivity, leading Alec straight to the man who can help him most, a former jockey helps Alec find out just how fast this stallion is. On the racetrack, Alec and the stallion form a friendship like no other having truly saved each other’s lives.

Our Calle Cuatro Sunday Matinee series is a partnership with the Santa Ana Business Council (SABC), presenting family-friendly classic and contemporary films on Sunday mornings at 11am with ticket prices of only $5 for Adults, and $1 for Children 13 and under! Each film is opened with classic cartoons and a raffled prize giveaway!

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