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Art in Context (6 of 6): Shifts Abroad in England


Bowers Museum
2002 N Main St 92706 Santa Ana United States
Art in Context (6-part series):
The Rise of Modernism in Europe: Realist Shifts in the 19th Century

Part 6: Shifts Abroad in England

In reaction to the early mass production of goods in English factories, artists such as William Morris and the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood turned to the early Renaissance and Middle Ages as an antidote to the Industrial present. The Arts and Crafts movement emerged from their experimentations.

Location: Norma Kershaw Auditorium
Price: FREE for Members | General $12

For tickets and information, please visit http://www.bowers.org/index.php/education-programs/lectures/event/302-art-in-context-6-part-series-the-rise-of-modernism-in-europe-realist-shifts-in-the-nineteenth-century-part-6