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The Frida Cinema
305 E 4th St 92701 Santa Ana United States
Select showtimes daily, May 20-26! Showtimes below!

The Frida Cinema presents one of its most requested titles, BLADE RUNNER: THE FINAL CUT, daily May 20 – May 26! This ultimate version of Ridley Scott’s gritty 1982 sci-fi keystone is the only cut (including the “Director’s Cut”) that Scott himself had full reign and approval over. Originally released theatrically in 2007, Blade Runner: The Final Cut has been fully remastered, and comes to The Frida on a vibrant 4K digital print!

Friday, May 20 – 5pm, 8pm
Saturday, May 21 – 12:30pm, 8pm
Sunday, May 22 – 2pm, 4:30pm
Monday, May 23 – 5pm, 8pm
Tuesday, May 24 – 5pm, 8pm
Wednesday, May 25 – 5pm, 8pm
Thursday, May 26 – 5pm, 8pm

Harrison Ford plays Deckard, a policeman in the Los Angeles of a dystopian future, whose task is that of Blade Runner: a detective who hunts down and terminates “Replicants,” a race of artificially created humans. When Deckard is assigned the mission of tracking down four Replicants who’ve launched a mutiny at their work site, he finds himself in over his head as he encounters a woman who makes him question his morality, and a nemesis who makes him question his humanity.

“This is a seminal film, building on older classics like Metropolis or Things to Come, but establishing a pervasive view of the future that has influenced science fiction films ever since.” – Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times

“This definitive print should be the last little push that “Blade Runner” needs to complete its 25-year journey from box office failure to cult favorite to full-blown classic.” – Peter Hartlaub, San Francisco Chronicle,

“Film noir cubed; science fiction a step beyond ‘2001.’” – Michael Williams, Los Angeles Times

“This is perhaps the only science-fiction film that can be called transcendental.” – Owen Gleiberman, Entertainment Weekly

“Grand enough in scale to carry its many Biblical and mythological references, Blade Runner never feels heavy or pretentious — only more and more engrossing with each viewing. It helps, too, that it works as pure entertainment.” – Rita Kempley, Washington Post

Dir. Ridley Scott / 1982, USA / 117min.

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